WeePlan Baby Planners offers premier Baby Planning, Concierge, and Independent Maternity/Child Product Consulting and introducing VIRTUAL BABY PLANNING for those who don't need a whole package or don't live in our area...

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Our premier Packages may be modified for your specific needs and priced accordingly...

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In all my experience with thousands of expectant parents, I have never seen two families with the exact same needs. For this reason, we work with each client to develop a customized service plan for their specific requirements...

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In her role as a consultant, Annie has encountered thousands of expectant parents. Many didn’t have the time (or energy) to research all of the baby preparation options out there and when they did attempt to research their options, more often than not, ended up feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and even more confused...

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"WeePlan...for your Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond"

Virtual Baby Planner

Make an Appointment online for a 45-minute, Personalized, One-on-One Virtual Baby Planning Session for only $45.00. You will chat live with a Certified Baby Planner about your family''s individual need or issue to quickly and efficiently get the answers you need. A great option for those on bed rest!

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Your Virtual Baby Planner is almost here!

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Diaper Changing Technique for Newborns to Reduce Colic

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Funbites® make meals more fun for your picky eater!

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